Thursday, February 27, 2020

Business Event Managment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Business Event Managment - Assignment Example Different sponsors have come on board to showcase what they offer to the business environment making economic and financial sense. This career expo brings together potential employees who are basically the students and professionals from different industry sectors so that the right candidates can access employment opportunities by matching up the right talent with potential employers. Not forgetting investors who are willing to create job opportunities with people who have great ideas which have not been tapped yet thereby enhancing entrepreneurial culture. It’s important to note that in coming up with this event, there are four key departments that have been set up, each with different functions. In a way the event planning itself prepares the people involved who are basically the students in what happens in a normal business set up. Each department though independent, having different roles and responsibilities depends on the other departments to make sure that the event is successful, bringing in the aspect of interdependence within any organization. Without which, the event cannot be successful. The four departments and their functions are outlined below; Legal department- this ensures that the event to be held does not contravene the state laws and that all the procedures required in holding a career fair are met. This means that all the documentation necessary to hold an event must be acquired following the legislation of the state. Adherence must be followed to the latter. Specifically, this department will be required to acquire permits, licenses and approvals for the career fair. It’s also their responsibility to understand legal obligations, to identify and reduce any risk to occupational health and safety, not to just deal with the consequences. In addition, all suppliers for the event in form of sponsors, investors, exhibitors and any corporates coming on board on that particular day will be required have their own public

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